Progressive Jazz 2009

Purchase Terry Vosbein’s compositions as recorded by the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra on the critically acclaimed CD Progressive Jazz 2009

5 saxes (AATTB)
5 trumpets
5 trombones
piano, guitar, bass, drums, bongos

Each title is $50
Scores are $5

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Ahora es el Tiempo

AHORA ES EL TIEMPO was the first piece I wrote upon arriving in Copenhagen in 2008. Having experienced first-hand the music of Cuba during a visit to Havana in 2003, I tried to imbue this composition with that exciting spirit. The trombones’ interlocking lines set the tone from the start. And once the dance begins, it doesn’t cease until the final bar.

Solo spots for trumpet and tenor.

Brass ranges
trumpet 1 = A6
trombone 1 = C5

7 minutes

Crows in Tuxedos

CROWS IN TUXEDOS is a finger popping swinger featuring interwoven contrapuntal lines and some hot trombone section work. Like many jazz standards, the harmonies of this work are based on the chords to Gershwin’s I Got Rhythm, although with a twist. The title refers to the magpies I saw as I strolled the paths near Christiania. I’m not sure, but I think they were laughing at me.

Solos for guitar, piano, bass, flute (on alto 1) and trumpet.

Brass ranges
trumpet 1 = G6
trombone 1 = D5


8 1/2 minutes

Jumping Monkey

JUMPING MONKEY begins with the rhythm section, and features them throughout. The riff based melody is presented by the saxes, before giving way to a series of solos. The saxes try to reclaim the riff, but it eludes them despite their searching and prodding from the brass. Finally a drum solo sets the riff back on track for the shouting conclusion.

Fun swinging chart with lots of solos (trumpet, alto, bari, trombone, bongos, tenor and drums).

Brass ranges
trumpet 1 = F#6
trombone 1 = B4

8 minutes

Odin's Dream

ODIN’S DREAM was the first composition I wrote upon arrival in Paris in January of 2008. It is a slow and introspective vehicle for the solo trombone. It is no surprise that I turned to the trombone for my gateway back into big band writing. It has long been a favorite solo instrument of mine.

Brass ranges
trumpet 1 = E6
trombone 1 (solo) = D5

7 1/2 minutes

The Real Princess

THE REAL PRINCESS, the final composition I wrote before returning to Virginia in the summer of 2008, combines several elements. The feeling is a nostalgic look back at my youth. The title comes from the famous H.C. Andersen tale of the prince in search of his princess. And the form and harmonies are derived from a light classical composition from 1890s America.

This medium-slow 70s rock with mind-blowing crescendos, features solos for trumpet and electric guitar.

Brass ranges
trumpet 1 = G6
trombone 1 = C5

9 1/2 minutes

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