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Horn in F


12 minutes



Program notes

Composed to celebrate the 2022 centennial of the great American novelist and thinker, Kurt Vonnegut, Vonnegut Trilogy is the culmination of half a century of admiration for the novelist by composer, Terry Vosbein.

Player Piano was Vonnegut’s first published novel and serves as the fist movement to this trilogy. The music begins with the sounds of a well-oiled-machine, with carefully played melodies interacting in classical synchronicity. But throughout there are interruptions by the unrest and displeasure that surrounds the harmonious flow.

Who Am I This Time? Is a short story from Vonnegut’s 1961 collection entitled Welcome to the Monkey House. It is a beautiful, yet quirky, love story. This movement explores a multitude of duets, symbolizing the two main characters as they maneuver through their courtship. It is a slow dance. In one of the few literal musical depictions in this suite, the questioning final chord represents both the title, and the last line of the story.

The third movement is inspired by Breakfast of Champions, a 1973 novel that explores a multitude of themes through the eyes and actions of a prosperous midwestern car salesman (Dwayne Hoover) and an obscure science fiction writer (Kilgore Trout). The music is off and running from the start with a rhythmic theme that reappears and connects the various diversions.


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