From Here To There

  • From Here To There


2 flutes
2 oboes
2 clarinets in Bb (2nd doubling Eb clarinet)
2 bassoons

4 horns in F
2 trumpets in Bb
2 trombones

2 percussion:
1-toms (3), suspended cymbal
2-bass drum, tam tam, crash cymbals, ratchet, suspended cymbal, small and large triangles, wood block



5 minutes


Program Notes

From Here To There was commissioned by the Cleveland Orchestra for a series of educational concerts. The composition was designed to demonstrate ternary form with its march-like first section followed by a scherzo in the middle and a return to the opening six-eight march. It was performed by the Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall a dozen times during the fall of 1994.

During the summer of that year I was driving out of Cleveland and heading for the mountains of northern Idaho. The composition was barely begun when I was required to produce a title for the promotional materials. As I drove west I thought hard about the title, knowing that I had to phone it in by day’s end. Throughout the day I heard National Public Radio discussing the 25th anniversary of Armstrong’s famous trip to the moon and back. I thought of that voyage...and the voyage I was embarking on...and the voyage that every composition takes you on...and I had my title...we are all going From Here To There.

The majority of this work was composed during my 1994 summer exploits in Idaho and Wyoming. For three weeks I lived atop Schweitzer Mountain in Sandpoint, Idaho...composing, studying and enjoying life.

This was followed by a backpacking expedition into Wyoming’s Wind River Range. Though a ranger warned of the worst bear problem in thirty years, and though we saw and heard evidence of their closeness, we never laid eyes on one. If anyone sees a bear wearing sun glasses near Little Sandy...they're mine.


Score and parts


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