I Can Begin Again

  • I Can Begin Again
  • I Can Begin Again




Joshua Bailey


3 1/2 minutes



Program Notes

The text for this song was selected from amongst the winners in the River of Word's annual, international youth poetry and art contest, which inspires children ages 5 to 19 to translate their observations into creative expression.

When choosing a text to set, the first thing that I consider is the music that is inherent in the words themselves. I read the words aloud and listen to them. When I came across these words by Joshua Bailey, there was a rhythm that appealed to me. I was then struck by the simple imagery utilized for such a meaningful statement. A positive statement. I can begin again. Anywhere. Any time.

They were written by a seven year old in Arizona. How about that! I tried to make the guitar move like the water, ebbing and flowing, as the voice sails across the surface with its message of hope.

Commissioned by David Asbury and Bruce Cain, as part of the River of Words Song Cycle.


Voice and guitar


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