Crows in Tuxedos

  • Crows in Tuxedos
  • Crows in Tuxedos
  • Crows in Tuxedos


5 saxophones (AATTB)
5 trumpets
5 trombones
piano, bass, drums, guitar, bongos

Brass ranges

trumpet 1 = G6
trombone 1 = D5


8 1/2 minutes


CROWS IN TUXEDOS is a finger popping swinger featuring interwoven contrapuntal lines and some hot trombone section work. Like many jazz standards, the harmonies of this work are based on the chords to Gershwin’s I Got Rhythm, although with a twist. The title refers to the magpies I saw as I strolled the paths near Christiania. I’m not sure, but I think they were laughing at me.

Solos for guitar, piano, bass, flute (on alto 1) and trumpet.

As recorded by the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra on the CD “Progressive Jazz 2009.”


Score and parts


Score only


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