The Real Princess

  • The Real Princess
  • The Real Princess
  • The Real Princess


5 saxophones (AATTB)
5 trumpets
5 trombones
piano, bass, drums, guitar, bongos

Brass ranges

trumpet 1 = G6
trombone 1 = C5


9 1/2 minutes

THE REAL PRINCESS, the final composition I wrote before returning to Virginia in the summer of 2008, combines several elements. The feeling is a nostalgic look back at my youth. The title comes from the famous H.C. Andersen tale of the prince in search of his princess. And the form and harmonies are derived from a light classical composition from 1890s America.

This medium-slow 70s rock with mind-blowing crescendos, features solos for trumpet and electric guitar.

As recorded by the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra on the CD “Progressive Jazz 2009.”


Score and parts


Score only


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